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  1. Please note that you must complete all of your work with the PCR Array Data Analysis Web Portal in the same session. Your data is not stored on a server, so all work is lost once the session (or your web browser) is closed. Be sure to export all processed data and results to an Excel file saved on your local computer.
  2. Please set your screen resolution to 1024 X 768 or greater, if possible.
  3. Turn off any window pop-up blockers. The software will launch separate windows for viewing the plots and charts.

Experiment Performed Using:

Standard RT² PCR Array    
Custom RT² PCR Array  
Single or Multi-Gene qPCR Assays

* File must be a MS Excel Sheet (in .XLS format, not .XLSX).

Excel Templates for Formatting your Experimental Data:

Cataloged PCR Array

Custom PCR Array                 

Single/Multi-Gene Assays

For Custom PCR Arrays - Data Analysis Patches

Convert your custom array raw data into the compatible format for your customized Data Analysis Template.

96-well 384-well
8 genes x 12 samples 8 genes x 48 samples
12 genes x 8 samples 12 genes x 32 samples
16 genes x 6 samples 16 genes x 24 samples
24 genes x 4 samples 24 genes x 16 samples
32 genes x 3 samples 32 genes x 12 samples
48 genes x 2 samples  48 genes x 8 samples
 96 genes x 1 samples  64 genes x 6 samples
  96 genes x 4 samples
  128 genes x 3 samples
  192 genes x 2 samples